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Oxton House is your source for popular, exciting, powerful teaching materials! We specialize in tools for teaching reading and math and for dealing with learning disabilities.

This is the home of Dr. Phyllis Fischer’s research-based, multisensory reading-decoding program, Concept Phonics, a classroom-tested, efficient, economical way to achieve breakthrough success with beginning readers.  We publish materials in:

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(These two sets are the word lists mentioned in Dr. Sally Shaywitz's book, Overcoming Dyslexia.)

Word Lists 1: The Monosyllables

More than 3500 one-syllable English words, grouped by syllable structure and subdivided by consonant and/or rhyme, with six pages of notes. These are valuable tools for understanding such patterns and for creating lessons and materials to teach them!

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Word Lists 2: Two-Syllable Words

Richly annotated lists of more than 3000 two-syllable English words, including the consonant-l-e words, sorted by vowel sound, and words with the VCCV and VCV patterns, sorted by syllable, accent pattern, and grade level.

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Stories from Somerville

is a set of phonetically controlled readers and comprehension workbooks that deserves to be more widely known.  To introduce you to these delightful stories we are offering Reader 1 at a 50% discount!  (That's just $9.97 — fifty one-page stories for less than 20 cents each.)  Use coupon code 1507 when you order.

If you like those stories and want Reader 2 or any of the workbooks, just use coupon code 1508 for a 20% discount when you order them.

Stories from Somerville

Coming Soon —

Expanded Second Edition of Math through the Ages,

co-published with the Mathematical Association of America

— a hardbound book with the same text material as the paperback Second Edition plus 64 pages of Questions and Projects.

(A 118-page Instructor's Guide is available for class adoptions.)

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Math History

Course adoptions: 22 and counting!

So far, 22 colleges and universities in 14 states or provinces have adopted our new Second Edition of Math through the Ages as a course text.

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