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Oxton House is your source for popular, exciting, powerful materials for teaching reading and math and for dealing with learning disabilities.

This is the home of Dr. Phyllis Fischer’s research-based, multisensory reading-decoding program, Concept Phonics, a classroom-tested, efficient, economical way to achieve breakthrough success with beginning readers.  We publish materials in:

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Kim Ramsey’s Stories from Somerville Readers and Comprehension Workbooks are now available as pdf downloads!

This cleverly written collection of 75 engaging stories introduces phonetic skills and patterns sequentially in an order compatible with most Orton-Gillingham phonics programs.

Now get both readers and their comprehension
 workbooks as pdf downloads for less than $50.
(That’s $20 below the cost of the printed set!)

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Stories from Somerville

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We’ve Moved!

As of January 1, 2017, the Oxton House office and stock facility are located on Court Street in Farmington, Maine. Our phone and fax numbers and our email address remain the same.  

Course adoptions: 48 and counting!  

So far, at least 48 colleges and universities in 29 states and provinces have adopted the Second Edition of Math through the Ages as a course text.

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A New Selection of Old Books

From time to time, Oxton House acquires and offers for sale a few pre-owned books with educational value that may not be easily available elsewhere.  We have just added these books to our offerings, and may have a few more in the next week or so. These are single copies, sold first-come, first-served.  See our Old Books page for descriptions and buying links.

The latest additions to our list are:

Why would you want one?  It depends.  Do you have Dr. Fischer’s Monosyllables word lists and her Worksheet Sets 1 and 2?  If so, the visual-memory and charting strategies in this Guide will give you a way to help students learn to spell words with vowel teams, and not mix them up with magic-e words — a way that can be used with groups, working semi-independently.

In addition to spelling work, this guide also contains the objectives and activities for teaching these decoding skills:  

-- adding suffixes to one-syllable words;

-- marker-e words (range, baste, else, solve, etc.);

-- vowel-team words;

-- two-syllable words (consonant-l-e and their suffix construction, vccv, and vcv).  

Please note: This “Objectives and Activities” Teacher’s Guide is not a stand-alone item, but anyone who has Dr. Fischer’s Fluency Set, or even just the Monosyllables word lists and her phonics worksheet sets will find lots of helpful information in it, particularly about teaching spelling.

When we moved our office last month, we found a box of Concept Phonics Teacher’s Guide, Level 2, with outdated covers!   Except for the covers, these are the same as the current version, which sells for $39.95.  

>>> A Re-Discovery <<<

We are selling these “cosmetically challenged” guides for $10, with
free cont. U.S. shipping,
while they last!

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