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Oxton House is your source for popular, exciting, powerful teaching materials! We specialize in tools for teaching reading and math and for dealing with learning disabilities.

This is the home of Dr. Phyllis Fischer’s research-based, multisensory reading-decoding program, Concept Phonics,
 a classroom-tested, efficient, economical way to achieve breakthrough success with beginning readers.

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Basic Skills Package
Four effective teaching tools to help students read more easily, recall basic number facts, and write more legibly:
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Fall Special

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Teach Math thru History
Teach Algebra thru History


Dr. Phyllis Fischer’s

Reading Speed Drills
and Level 1 Worksheets

are now available

as downloads!

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Print just the sheets you need as you use them.

Research, classroom experience, and clinical practice have shown these Speed Drills to be a highly efficient way to move beginning readers from conscious decoding to automatic (“sight-word”) recognition.

Coming Soon!
Coming Soon!

Math through the Ages

Second Edition

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Click here for Worksheets 1 details & ordering info.

The Level 1 Worksheets provide con- cept practice and develop orthographic automaticity on the graphemes used in closed, magic-e, and open syllables.
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worksheet sets for practice on early reading and spelling skills. Download for only $9.95 a set!
Say, Read, & Spell

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