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Oxton House Publishers, LLC


Oxton House has two effective, affordable items for
teachers, tutors, and parents who want to help their
children and students develop fluent arithmetic skills:

In addition, we publish a truly unique book on the history of mathematics designed to be an efficient, readable reference for middle school and high school teachers:

Here’s what makes this book unique:

Instead of being organized chronologically, the main section of this book is a collection of 25 “sketches,”
4- to 6-page histories of topics that come up in high school and early college mathematics.  These can be used independently of each other, in any order, to fit your needs.

It comes in two versions:
— an economical 216-page paperback and

— a 274-page hardbound Expanded Edition that includes all the same text material as the original plus 54 added pages of questions and projects.


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Math through the Ages

A Gentle History for Teachers and Others

by William P. Berlinghoff and Fernando Q. Gouvêa



Book Prize

Nimble Numeracy is a small, compact book rich in insightful background information and explicit techniques for teaching counting and basic arithmetic. It gives special attention to developing fluent familiarity with the language of numbers.


Nimble Numeracy

Speed Drills for Arithmetic Facts is a 48-page packet of carefully constructed exercises to help students become auto- matic and fluent with the basic facts of the four fundamental operations of elementary arithmetic.


Speed Drills for Arithmetic Facts

“.... The book’s strength is that it demonstrates a consistent pattern of instruction.  Direct instruction is followed by oral practice and writing numerals and number words.  The author discusses areas that might be difficult for students...and suggests how to practice to build fluency.... Teachers of primary and middle elementary grades will find this book useful for developing number concepts and the fluency that children need to build a strong sense of number.”


Teaching Children Mathematics

A review of Nimble Numeracy

“... this delightfully written summary of the historical development of mathematics should be in the arsenal of every teacher of mathematics.... Brief, to the point, informative, and entertaining to boot.”



Keith Devlin, Stanford University,

author of
The Millenium Problems,

 The Math Gene, and
Mathematics, The New Golden Age

A review of Math through the Ages


Pathways from the Past

I: Using History to Teach
Numbers, Numerals, and Arithmetic

II: Using History to Teach Algebra

Teach Math thru History


Teach Algebra thru History