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Oxton House is your source of powerful materials for teaching beginning reading and math skills, especially for youngsters who struggle.

This is the home of Dr. Phyllis Fischer’s research-based, multisensory reading-decoding program, Concept Phonics, a classroom-tested, efficient, economical way to achieve breakthrough success with beginning readers.  

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What's New at Oxton House:

As of Oct. 1, 2019, most Oxton House publications are no longer available in paper form, but can be purchased as pdf downloads.  A few paper items are still available.  For more information,  
e-mail info@oxtonhouse.com .

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Dr. Fischer’s Sentences & Paragraphs booklet, with Teaching Tips for use, is now available as a pdf download!

Sentences & Paragraphs

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Now downloadable!

Decoding Test

The Fischer Decoding Mastery Test kit, including student response forms, is now available as a pdf download for half the price of the print version!

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Teacher's Guides

These richly detailed manuals explain how to teach the sounds and spelling patterns for all one- and two-syllable words. They itemize the materials needed for any lesson, describing in detail how to teach the appropriate decoding and spelling skills.  Now available as pdf downloads for less than half the price of the print versions!

Teacher's Guides

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A manual of effective comprehension strategies to help your students understand any narrative text, from short stories to chapter books to long novels.

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