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Legacy of the Blue Heron

Book: 6"×9" paperback

190 pages, $9.95

ISBN 1-881929-20-5

Audio: 6 tape cassettes

unabridged (6½ hrs) $2.95

ISBN 1-881929-33-7

“Harry Sylvester tells the remark- able story of the decade when he struggled with the faceless dragon of Learning Disabilities... It is a story of victories and losses, triumphs and defeats, hope and despair, ... a story experienced by every person with a learning disability... and one that should be heard by every parent and teacher who strives to understand.”

Rick Lavoie, M.A., M.Ed.

A chance encounter with an unfortunate bird provides the spring-board for Harry Sylvester’s marvelous reflections on confronting and conquering his learning disabilities.  After an ultimately successful career, Harry shared his inspiring and informative, gentle and persuasive story in

Harry Sylvester started life as a youngster with serious learning disabilities.  Retired after a successful career as a mechanical engineer, business owner, and boat-builder, he still had the same disabilities with which he began the first grade in rural Maine.  

His book is a story of persistence in the face of misunderstanding, a story of survival by patient perseverance through years of puzzlement and frustration, and much more.  Harry Sylvester shares with us many lessons he learned the hard way, during the years in which our society was discovering what learning disabilities are.  In so doing, he offers to spare us some of the deep individual and social pain that misunder- standing inflicts, if only we will truly hear his story.  

With uncommon common sense, he lays out coping tactics for the estimated 10% of us who have learning disabilities and describes productive strategies for the people and social agencies that interact with them.

Legacy of the Blue Heron:

Living with Learning Disabilities


This book is a “must read” for teachers, school administrators, school board members, law enforcement officers, corrections officials, judges, and social service workers of all sorts.  It is a “should read” for all of us because we will all, at some time, connect with a person who has learning disabilities.

This is Harry Sylvester having a long talk with you in his living room, or maybe in yours.  The style is informal, but it’s clear, wise, and compelling.  Listen to him: enjoy his stories, share his feelings, and learn his lessons.

© 2006 Oxton House Publishers, LLC

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The audiocassette form of this book is ideal for anyone who — like Harry — struggles with reading, and also for anyone who wants to make driving time more productive and enjoyable.

Now also available as an e-book in a variety of formats!

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